How to create a Windows application Installer with NSIS

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System also known as NSIS open source system to create Windows application installers. NSIS is a script-based system allowing you to create the logic behind your installer/setup file in a complex way to install taks.

How to install and use youtube-dl

Ever needed a tutorial or just download non copyrighted material from YouTube to watch or listen offline?

YouTube-dl is a command-line tool which is open source and can be used to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other popular sites, see the full list here.

How to Fit an object to illustrator art board

You ever have the feeling you are tired of trying to get the object to fill the artboard by hand? Carlos from has been kind enough to code up a very handy script for the public. Get started by downloading the script from Open the zip file and grab the .jsx file to your illustrator Scripts […]