How to install and use youtube-dl

Ever needed a tutorial or just download non copyrighted material from YouTube to watch or listen offline?

YouTube-dl is a command-line tool which is open source and can be used to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other popular sites, see the full list here.

Access github user ssh keys

GitHub exposes public ssh keys for its users, So now for example i get my co-workers or friends public ssh keys and just add them to my servers without asking them to send the keys. Change username to yours or co-workers username on Github To get a copy to your server you can simply do […]

Install Spotify Linux Client on Debian/ubuntu

spotify banner

Everyone loves music, for me, music is very important when i work it keeps me focused on what am doing. Today we have hundreds of different music services, but the biggest ones are Youtube and Spotify. Spotify for Linux is released as a Debian package. Add signing keys Before we can add the repository we […]